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New Single from Mo Lowda and the Humble

Shane Woods started out 4 years ago as an intern out The Headroom’s old location, when Joe and I both lived and worked in Big Mama’s Warehouse. He came to us as a student who admittedly skipped his recording classes. After a couple months of hanging out, he started skipping class to be at the studio, maintaining that he was learning more! Shane was there when we moved all our stuff into our new location and began to work for us as a drum tech and assistant while staying late to work on his own projects. Eventually, Shane was booking sessions for his own clients, and his own band, as well as running sessions for us.


When he wasn’t in the studio, Shane was on the road with his band Mo Lowda and the Humble, and when his band wasn’t on the road they were working on a new record. We’re super proud of the band for working so hard and writing some really amazing songs, and we’re so stoked for Shane who started out knowing so little about producing and now recorded a really incredible sounding album.


And, of course, it was a lot of fun for me to mix!! With lots of textures, layers, and different timbres to play with, the band and I spent tons of time automating all sorts of parameters to really make each song attention grabbing. On this song, Card Shark, we focus on getting the Gibson Grabber bass track to sound really gnarly and sit on top of the Prophet 08 sub octave bass in the choruses. Overall just a great arrangement; the guitar was soaked in effects, but the parts were simple to give room for the decay of each note, the drums were simple enough to distort and compress a lot without having to work about the cymbals sounding to harsh or splashy. Our collective favorite part is the drum machine drop out before the last chorus at 2:46. Look out for their LP “Creature” this spring!